4725mag's latest fashion crush: neutral on neutral color and texture play

Nothing says spring like a closet full of dark clothing... we jest. However, whatever the season, you will find us sporting a neutral - and most likely a dark neutral - with every single outfit. 

Today is a classic blue sky, yet breezy and quite chilly bay area day on both sides of the bay - even our beloved "sunny side" home, Oakland. Sunglasses and long sleeves are a must. 

Our most beloved, beautifully worn in and faded to a deep slate perfection Levi's Made and Crafted jeans were freshly laundered, so we were obviously going to wear those (again) and our Banana Republic vegan leather, jet black sweatshirt - fresh from the dry cleaner - was hanging, looking quite pretty might we add, on the closet door. 

Born out of convenience - and honestly, what was clean - ladies and gentlemen, meet the base of our neutral on neutral outfit. 

It's no secret, we heart Vans. These deep navy slip-ons are firmly in the sneaker rotation. Not only are they neutral in color, these bad boys also play with texture - mirroring the theme of the vegan leather on denim look we have going on above the ankle. 

With a nubuck upper and suede heel, we adore this subtle texture mix in this neutral tone. 

We could've gone all-out today accessorizing our plain outfit, but we understood that the subtle textures from our fabric mixing and the neutral on neutral color palate chosen spoke for itself. However, what was needed and what we always carry regardless, is a solid, outfit enhancing pair of sunglasses. 

These new favorites from Acne Studios are crafted from slick acetate with a matte, textured exterior. That contrast made them extra ideal for todays thematic. 

Moral of this story? Neutrals never have to be boring. Play with layering like colors, never shy away from texture and new style territories will be yours to win. 

Shop my closet:
- Levi's Made and Crafted: empire skinny jeans
- Vegan leather sweatshirt
- Vans: classic slip-on
- Acne Studios: square-frame acetate sunglasses
- Black leather mini-camera bag, vintage


4725mag travels: Joshua Tree desert hike photo set

Top to bottom:
- canyon floor, looking to the skies // mile one, Boy Scout trail, Joshua Tree National Park, California
- increased elevation, Creosote bush detail // mile three, Boy Scout trail, Joshua Tree National Park, California
- on top of the world // mile five, Boy Scout trail, Joshua Tree National Park, California
- Joshua tree detail // mile seven, Boy Scout trail, Joshua Tree National Park, California
- pool room // geodesic dome desert palace, Joshua Tree, California
- snow capped mountain desert peaks // Palm Springs, California
- palm trees aplenty // Ace Hotel and Swim club, Palm Springs


4725mag's daily fashion essentials: Saucony x Madewell

Tomboy chic in a neutral color that goes with it all - including our Gap black leather tote, skinny jeans, plain white linen t-shirt and Gucci black leather messenger bag shown here. We adore this Madewell + Saucony colloab.

Rumor has it that these sneak’s just became BFF’s with our commute. But don't worry, we can share. Shop the look below.

Shop my closet:
- Saucony & Madewell dxn trainer sneakers


4725mag's top 5 travel essentials: survive camping under the stars with a smile on your face

Home for the weekend // Marshall beach, Tomales bay, Point Reyes, Marin, California.

The only wildlife we usually consume is a quick jog around Lake Merritt which at its most challenging involves dodging an aggressive seagull or two. It's pretty safe to declare that we are far from being the "camping type" or game for rugged, outdoor activity. Though a few years of avoiding tents and sleeping bags gave us, the toughest/softest of city dweller's, an itch that only a night of remote beach camping could scratch.

Just think of it, soft sand between your toes, the faint taste of salt water on your lips, the intoxicating lure of a camp fire, bioluminescence sparkling in the night bay... it sounds good right? We've got you wanting to uncharacteristically rough it too, haven't we?

Well, the good news is you can do it. Just follow this simple guide to amplify your experience.

1 - Ocean Kayaks: the best/only way to observe sea lions, sea otters, the aforementioned bioluminescence and a plethora of sea birds in their natural environment.

2 - A serious, do-all jacket: make sure you stay warm and make sure you stay dry, you will get wetter than you think in a kayak and this thing has zippered pockets for days to store lip balms, your cell in a ziplock bag and hair ties galore. Not to mention, if you're a Californian by birth or relocation, you probably definitely own something like this anyway. Bring it, you will need it.

3 - Shoes that can get wet: it sounds simple, but really, it is just not the time to bust out those new to-die-for boots. While these are just plain ugly (we're only being honest), you will be oh-so-stoked that you're not trashing a pair of shoes with salt water and sand that you planned on ever wearing again.

4 - Skincare, lots of it: sunblock, lip-remedies, cleansers that you can remove with a tissue, body moisterizer - the works. Salt water is cool and all, but not worth getting all dried out like jerky for. Nothing is. Origins has a solid variety of travel sized products with a reasonable price-tag.

5 - Oysters, Clams and hot sauce to go: because, yah, it is camping but we still like our little luxuries.