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4725mag's on-point interiors: a sneak peek at a unique art collection

One of our favorite Oakland based Instagram accounts is  @Found_Art_Explosion , a documentation of the most unusual - and often times humorous - one of a kind, original artworks found whilst trawling East Bay flea markets, estate sales, swap meets and thrift stores. We're excited to share a sneak peek at their personally curated found art collection. Circa 1950s oil painting on wood, Laney flea market, $35. 1979 oil painting on wood, estate sale, $10. 1970, oil painting on canvas, Coliseum Swap Meet, $10. Circa 1970s oil painting on wood, Salvation Army (China Town, Oakland), $35.  We hope this inspires you to dig through that pile of frames next time you are donating at Goodwill. There are masterpieces everywhere that can add a unique, yet budget conscious, touch to your living space.

4725mag's daily beauty must-haves: our product picks for a tip top complextion

Various sun soaked mini trips have made this a long summer of skin beating. So as the end of summer approaches, I've decided it is time to get serious about my skin care regimen. I've always worn sunscreen and been strict about removing any make up before bed, so I'm not trying to back track years of facial neglect. However, this year there was been a noticeable difference in how my skin reacted to the sun.  As a child I would tan evenly and look like a little bronzed fat cherub. But the older I get, I've progressively tanned in a more uneven fashion each year. I now just develop large blotches of tan, particularly on my upper lip and chin - which without any concealer can look like I have a fricken 5 o'clock shadow, After researching how to combat this seemingly common issue, I learned treating it is all in the exfoliation, the right products and lots of sunscreen. And maybe a couple of shade producing new hats too.  I've been on this regime for

4725mag guest blogs: 5 hot date spots in Oakland

Photo credit: @Parlour_Oakland Instagram  Hello lovers and good friends. Are you looking for a new place around the town to take a first date, a good friend or a longterm love? You're in luck. For your viewing pleasure, we've compiled our top 5 Oakland date spots. Which include the Parlour, shown above, and a handful of other carefully selected favorites you're sure to love as much as we do. Head over to  Localwise  to check out our guest blog - happy reading and date going.