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4725mag's daily fashion essentials: our top 5 2015 Cyber Monday sales - a breakdown of what to buy and where

1.  OAK + FORT I've been lusting over this minimal brand since discovering them through Instagram earlier this year. Specializing in OS, simple and clean silhouettes - that work oh-so-perfectly with my apple shaped body - I released a small squeal of pig like joy when I learned of their 30% off Black Friday / Cyber Weekend sale. Photo credit:  OAK + FORT Straddling the line between athleisure and minimalism (yes, that is possible) this wool blend, almost tracksuit ( set-e01 ) will stylishly enable many cozy - because it's officially winter in Oakland - weekends. I'm envisioning a casual Sunday brunch wearing this paired with white sneakers like these  Saucony's  and this Isabel Marant √Čtoile  coat  thrown effortlessly over the top. Photo credit:  OAK + FORT They also have wonderful, minimal jewelry and I could not resist these  earrings. Getting a pair in both gold and silver in geometric circle and triangular designs for ultimate outfit versatility. 2.