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Vintage resort wear, tropical prints and Gucci

So it's officially summer after this past long weekend, right? That means I can now exclusively dress in resort wear and it'll be totally normal? Even just to run the most benign of errand? Of course.

So, now I've granted myself this permission, you can bet your life savings that from now until Labor Day I will be wearing this to go and pick up my cocktail fixings from Safeway. And if not this exact outfit, some variation of maximum silhouetted, most definitely printed and always fabulous (or ridiculous, take your pick).

On a recent trip to Florida for a wedding I discovered this wonderful matching skirt and blouse set - in a Goodwill. I squealed like a piglet the second this print caught my attention, grabbed this outfit so quickly I may have even broken the sound barrier and prayed to the god of style that it would fit.

The "top" is an oversize (my favorite silhouette) shirt dress that hits a few inches above the knee. Perfect worn on its own, super easy to do…