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4725mag travel tips: a beginners guide to hiking your own backyard and beyond

Because first things first, you need the right outfit. And let's not get this twisted, you don't need any bells and whistles to comfortably hike. Our top 5 hiking outfit essentials: 1) A comfy pair of leggings: because pants suck at the best of times, let alone when you're getting a little physical. One of our hiking favorites are these wet look leggings  from F21. Even though we are far from being their target demographic, we're a sucker for these as they are made from a good, heavy knit jersey with a forgiving amount of Lycra to keep it all held in while allowing them to retain their shape.  2) A good pair of sneakers: while a hiking boot is a purchase we may consider the more accomplished we become in our hiking game, we're currently into hiking in our Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit sneakers. They nimbly form to any rocky, textured dirt or sand surface with a good deal of traction. Plus they serve double duty as we can jog around Lake Merritt in them or take them

4725mag eats: or drinks... a food lovers guide to mastering a juice cleanse

We are SO not the juice cleanse types. Our steaks usually come with a side of G&T and they come often - taking in our favorite Oakland eateries is a treat we revel in, unabashedly, as often as a few times a week.  However, even we like to take a little break sometimes and cut down on the consumption of all of our favorite things - we understand that life is a delicate balancing act.  You name the dietary restriction - low fat, low carb, low calorie, no dairy, no meat, no sugar - we've tried 'em all. Somehow imagining it'd transform our cocktail slinging, burger munching ways forever.  Though it wasn't until trying a juice cleanse for the first time last year, that a true shift in lifestyle and attitude to food and drink occurred, one that we can live with longterm. (Well, one that has at least "worked" for us during this past year)  Upon researching which cleanse we'd like to try, we had a couple of asks: 1) It has to

4725mag's daily beauty must-haves: essential water, essential oils,embellished basics

I recently turned another year wiser and more contented in that uncanny way your thirties allow versus your (or maybe just my) more perturbed twenties - aka, I had a birthday. I'm a firm believer in self-birthday-gifting; you work hard for the money, so hard for it honey - so you better treat you right. What better time is there to do this than around the anniversary of your birth? With an inbox full of "It's Your Birthday!" coupons and a tax return due, I fearlessly embarked upon an aggressive and furious bout of online shopping, racking up those airline miles. None of my favorite retailers - from large to local - were left unvisited. No style desire left ignored - beauty products, to fashion accessories, outerwear, denim, shoes, jewelry, knitwear and e-v-e-r-y-thing in-between. It was such a gluttonous and sick episode, in a fit of guilt I returned a good chunk of the splurge, losing a free flight or two but at least I felt like a decent-ish human again.

4725mag travels: Palm Springs desert oasis photo set

Top to bottom: - serpentine rock detail, canyon floor // mile 0.25, Tahquitz Canyon trail, Palm Springs, California - it may be a desert hike, but we're doing it in style - thirfted Gucci belt bag, Creosote bush and canyon detail // mile 0.5,  Tahquitz Canyon trail  , Palm Springs, California - Tahquitz Creek, desert oasis // mile 0.75,  Tahquitz Canyon trail , Palm Springs, California - desert pot pourri, dead tree detail // mile 1, T ahquitz Canyon trail , Palm Springs, California - dragon fly,  Tahquitz creek detail  //  mile 1.25 ,  T ahquitz Canyon trail , Palm Springs, California - Tahquitz falls //  mile 1.5,   T ahquitz Canyon trail , Palm Springs, California -  granite detail  //  mile 1.75 ,  T ahquitz Canyon trail , Palm Springs, California - San Jacinto mountain detail //  mile 2 ,  T ahquitz Canyon trail , Palm Springs, California