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3 winter layering looks

We are thrilled to have gotten a Bay Area version of winter this year. For almost the last 2 years we've looked longingly at a closet full of knits and outerwear as all we were able to grab was a light top layer for the umpteenth time.  Over the past couple of months, a combination of the following looks below has been our uniform. Blending splurge items with bargain buys and vintage staples, take a peek below at our favorite winter 15/16 stylings.  We love this shearling on shearling look for chillier days. This  Jerome Dreyfuss  pouch happens to perfectly fit an iPad, making it ideal to pop under your arm while at work. This Old Navy  coat  was our bargain of the season, with a fashion forward texture and silhouette in a neutral color that literally goes with everything. Especially these James Jeans from our collection of black skinnies.  It wouldn't be us without some form of pattern thrown in. Leopard print is a timeless classic and this snug, O/S sca

4725mag's daily beauty must-haves: how to stop using antiperspirant - a detox for your 'pits

Yes, that's right. We're detoxing our armpits. Weird? Maybe. But hear us out.   While everyone else is trying a new diet, reducing their booze intake and upping their exercise output, our resolution for 2016 was to successfully break our antiperspirant habit.  "But why!?"  We hear you ask. Well, after getting in an Internet hole - a minimum of 20 articles and blogs deep - on the  dangers of antiperspirants ,  we began to reconsider our Dove addiction.  BYE! To save you precious time, we've condensed what we discovered in the aforementioned Internet hole into three key points. 1) Antiperspirant sucks : - It prevents the natural function of sweating with aluminum and synthetic components - Aluminum is actually toxic to the human body - Exposure to aluminum is linked to breast cancer, kidney problems and Alzheimer's  And I rub this on my body everyday? No thanks.  2) However, it is not as easy as just deciding you're through wi