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A story of love, hate and sore armpits; a recent shop Goop order reviewed

I receive Goop newsletters and follow Goop on Twitter. Their minimal, clean and simple aesthetic speaks to the me I want to be if I wasn't the me that I actually am
Depending on my mood I can either love or hate Goop. My cynical and easily annoyed side is roused while reading their often ridic' "Do" health and wellness section. You can find me actually LOL-ing and audibly tsk-ing as I devour vaginal steaming, shower head detoxing and I eat only raw, sprouted and liquidized things articles on my commute in a "I can't believe this is real, but here I am reading it, shit" fashion.

But then on the flip side (perhaps we can blame the moon, or something, for this?) you'll find my wide-eyed side, my side that falls pray to buy yourself the perfect life subliminal messaging (#Taurus), throwing down her credit card, virtually, in a fully committed, passionate pursuit of the glowing, hydrated, ethical, well rested and detoxified life promised to her, for a…