4725mag travel tips: a beginners guide to hiking your own backyard and beyond

Because first things first, you need the right outfit. And let's not get this twisted, you don't need any bells and whistles to comfortably hike.

Our top 5 hiking outfit essentials:

1) A comfy pair of leggings: because pants suck at the best of times, let alone when you're getting a little physical. One of our hiking favorites are these wet look leggings from F21. Even though we are far from being their target demographic, we're a sucker for these as they are made from a good, heavy knit jersey with a forgiving amount of Lycra to keep it all held in while allowing them to retain their shape. 

2) A good pair of sneakers: while a hiking boot is a purchase we may consider the more accomplished we become in our hiking game, we're currently into hiking in our Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit sneakers. They nimbly form to any rocky, textured dirt or sand surface with a good deal of traction. Plus they serve double duty as we can jog around Lake Merritt in them or take them to the gym too. 

3) A bandana or scarf: we like to wear one loosely around our necks to help protect our d├ęcolletage from the sun. Plus it's great to have on hand to dab any sweat off your brow, because if you're anything like us, a sweat will be broken. We love this black cotton one from Levi's.

4) A long sleeved, white shirt: in a vain attempt to slow down the aging process, we no longer mess around with the sun. The white coloring will reflect light and UV rays as the long sleeves protect your skin. This puppy is from Old Navy and is super cheap - we do not mind sweating in it or getting it a little dirty at all. 

5) A fanny pack: we love being hands free and welcome the opportunity to pack it up at any time - especially when we're donning our Gucci fanny pack. But when hiking you'll want a spare hand to hold a bottle of water - you'll need up to a liter for every hour hiked if you're in hot weather - and this will perfectly hold all your other little essentials like lip balm, car keys, sunblock and your cellphone. 

Ok, now you are ready to hike, it's time to decide where you are going

Our first foray into hiking was a few months ago in Joshua Tree. A 10 mile hike through the desert was kind of an intense (yet awesome) intro but we're now curious about where we can hike in our own beautiful East Bay backyard. This weekend we visited Redwood Regional Park, check out our adventures below:

Clearing in the Redwoods // mile 0.75, Stream trail, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA.

"REDWOODS R BAE" graffiti // mile 1, Stream trail, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA.

Fern gully // mile 1.5, Stream trail, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA.

Eucalyptus trail opening // mile 2, Stream trail, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA.

Young Pine Tree detail, with ladybug visitors // mile 2.5, Stream trail, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA.

Out of the canyon, valley view // mile 3.3, Ridge trail, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA.


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