4725mag's daily beauty must-haves: how to stop using antiperspirant - a detox for your 'pits

Yes, that's right. We're detoxing our armpits. Weird? Maybe. But hear us out.  

While everyone else is trying a new diet, reducing their booze intake and upping their exercise output, our resolution for 2016 was to successfully break our antiperspirant habit. "But why!?" We hear you ask. Well, after getting in an Internet hole - a minimum of 20 articles and blogs deep - on the dangers of antiperspirants,  we began to reconsider our Dove addiction. 


To save you precious time, we've condensed what we discovered in the aforementioned Internet hole into three key points.

1) Antiperspirant sucks:
- It prevents the natural function of sweating with aluminum and synthetic components
- Aluminum is actually toxic to the human body
- Exposure to aluminum is linked to breast cancer, kidney problems and Alzheimer's 

And I rub this on my body everyday? No thanks. 

2) However, it is not as easy as just deciding you're through with Teen Spirit. If you break your habit cold-turkey style, you can expect the struggle to be real: 
- Day 1-5 will feel pretty good, if not a little more sweaty
- However by day 6, your armpits will most likely be a rashy and irritated mess 
- This is your body reacting to the full emission of toxins, which it's not used to
- This stage is uncomfortable. Sorry I can't lie, it's where I've got stuck in the past. But, the good news is, you can speed it up and get used to the totally normal bodily function of mild sweating in lightning speed. #TCB 

3) With this in mind, you will want to prep for this detox by gathering the right supplies - aka, going shopping:
- A dry brush
- Organic chlorella tablets

OK, now you're ready for day one of your antiperspirant free life.

First thing we (try) to do every morning is down a glass of lemon water. Since the PD ('pit detox), we've added a dose of Chlorella to that regimen. This superfood has a slew of supposed benefits

However, we're consuming it for the purpose of this detox as it accelerates toxin elimination and acts as a sort of neutralizer for bodily odors. And yah, as we're not wearing antiperspirant - despite it being January - we're still fearful of having a major pit out and the resulting BO so we will take all the help we can get. 

Before you shower for the day, take your new dry brush and starting at your feet, move up each leg in small circles (avoid any cuts) until you hit your hips. From there, work your way up your arms in small circles from your fingers tips to shoulders and do the same thing on your torso, working from bottom to top.

My friend, you have just dry brushed yourself. This act, like everything we're attempting here, has many benefits, but as part of our PD we like dry brushing due to it helping the lymphatic system drain. Not to mention how tingly and awesome it makes you feel. 

After showering we've been slicking on this Citrus Verbena deodorant by L'Occitane. It has a lovely, refreshing and long lasting fragrance while being mild on the skin. It's a great first step away from antiperspirant as it feels luxe enough and works well enough that applying it is a treat and not something we dread/associate with being a horrid, sweaty mess. 

So you've got through your first day - how did it go?! Hopefully you barely noticed the difference? Either way, you can now reward yourself with a nice relaxing face and underarm mask. Yes, that's right - armpit mask. 

Back to the Internet hole - bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar is a trusted, skin clearing wonder mask. So some genius thought, "hmm, if this stuff works this well on my face, wouldn't it do a similar thing to unblock my pores, ridding myself of build up, in my armpits too?"

And well, while I do not know if scientifically that is the case, this simple mask has absolutely helped our underarms in this process. No itchy rash and less actual sweating. 

Mask ingredients:
- 1 tsp of bentonite clay
- 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar 
- 1 tsp of water if, for some reason, your mask is too thick. The right consistency should emulate sour cream

Mix these ingredients together in a metal free bowl with a wooden spoon. We actually use a foam applicator meant for glue from a craft store, we enjoy using this guy to apply the mask with so why not just use it to mix the mask too? 

Apply a thin layer to each pit every evening and sit, rather awkwardly, with your arms up for 15-20 minutes. You can use the rest of the mask on your face. 

If you can't commit to doing this every night, we understand. But doing this a couple of times a week at least will help you through the itchy, rashy part of the PD, or prevent it entirely. 

If you want to attempt this PD too, follow the tips above and you'll do juuuust fine. Good luck, god speed and suck it Speed Stick. 


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