Hand painted cards, crafted with love in Oakland

As a kid, I was good at two things in school - English and art. As an artsy (read: weird) and disgruntled 14 year old, I envisioned being able to live off my art and writing as an "adult", *LOL*. Cute, right?! Well, reality settled firmly in, along with a career in marketing after a brief foray into the fashion industry. However, the creative fire still burns brightly through my hobbies (hello blogging!) and now my create4725 store.

Terrarium hand painted watercolor card

After selling the odd watercolor here and there from my late teens through to my early 20s, until fairly recently, my watercolors lay dustily ignored in a draw. But call it whim, or call it boredom, something lead me to clean them off and attempt to paint again. I forgot how lovely it was to while away a few hours creating something. How relaxing, surprisingly fulfilling and fun it is. Especially when something goes horribly awry and you're left with a really f'd up, funny looking little drawing.

Abstract palms hand painted watercolor card.

So f' ups aside, here is our first collection of hand painted cards for spring, and totally available for sale. We hope you enjoy our little creative outlet. Feel free to follow create4725 on Twitter and Instagram, oh and we totally take custom requests if you so desire, xoxo.


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