Standing with Planned Parenthood and anyone affected by the 2016 election

Like a lot of people, I was rocked to my core by the outcome of the recent election. A couple of weeks on, I still don't feel normal. But that is ok, I don't want to let go of that. Because if this ever does feel normal, I would've become desensitized to this situation. I would've accepted the madness and stopped caring about what actually makes sense to me in this world. And because of that, I never want to forget that November 9th feeling.

However, I did have to come to terms with the reality that the world did not stop turning that night. And despite the exhaustion, the desire to ignore the news, hibernate for a few years and blank out the world, realize that now is the time we actually have to find the energy, from somewhere, and get to work.

Part of my getting to work process entails a few things. One of which was having these pins made. All sales profits will go to Planned Parenthood, an indispensable, absolutely vital and under threat service in the political climate of today.

My aim here is that with your help I can turn an investment of a few hundred bucks into a couple of thousand bucks for Planned Parenthood. If we do this well, I'd love to do another run of pins with different designs and donate those profits across other pro-women, anti-bigotry, pro-earth and pro-immigrant organizations.

But first things fist, click here to help me make a solid donation to Planned Parenthood this holiday season and buy one (or a few) of these limited run pins.



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