Wool Street

I'm a two bags kind of broad. Always have been, always will be.

I need (yes, need) a cross-body purse to carry my essentials (oh you know, a beer coozie, wallet, lip balm, hand sanitizer and keys) and then a tote for my laptop, gym clothes, heels (I'm a proud sneaker commuter) and snacks (to keep me away from that burger I always want).

Here at 4725 we're never not on the hunt for up and coming, homegrown companies to support - especially when it gives me a reason to get a killer new bag. We're not gonna lie, we friggin' adore a good pair of Gucci loafers too. But on the flip side, when we can get in line with the little guy, we're there. So, we were thrilled to discover Wool Street.

In their own words their philosophy is "...to support small dwindling US factories and manufacturers... Wool Street is our small attempt toward a much larger goal of bringing self-sufficiency back to the States without sacrificing quality and design..." Not only is their brand statement totally on point, all of their designs are steeped in local love, designed in San Francisco and made in the US. So yeah, we're in. Like, doubly in.

Being an East Bay gal, I opted for the California tote over their more San Francisco centric designs. What I love about this piece, crafted out of heavy duty cotton with durable leather handles, is that it fits a minimal aesthetic and oozes high quality craftsmanship. Have you ever had a tote bag with annoyingly short handles? Well this guy has perfect, just long enough handles. And trust me, these details matter when you have to fling that thing right up on your shoulder and run for the bus like your life depends on it.

Find the right tote for you down on Wool Street. You'll not only look stylish AF, but you'll feel a sense of pride having shopped for a homegrown product. 


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