Double denim + vintage

Double denim; it gets a lot of stick. But it is a staple in my off duty wardrobe. Hell, it even sneaks into my M-F wardrobe on a Thursday or Friday with the right pair of professionalizing shoes or top. But we're not here to talk dressing up, we're here to talk #darlingweekend style. The days of the week where you can wear whatever you damn please, without the man putting perimeters around your look!

I prefer to call double denim a timeless style duo or a blank fashion canvas with near endless customizing options! I'm not sure what other fabric combination would allow me to wear these shoes and allow them the attention they deserve. Perhaps a dark colored chunky knit in cooler weather would work, but for spring my old and much loved Levi's denim jacket accompanying my cropped bootcut jeans just felt right.

Under my jacket I layered a vintage tank, representing my beloved Miami. I wanted to keep everything fairly simple so my shoes could steal the show, but I do like to mix in comfy, casual and/or vintage t-shirts during the weekend as they get zero air time during the week.

And here are all the parts working together, as I braved some seriously windy conditions to take this photo. All for the blogging cause!

And one last picture of the shoes, because vintage scores such as these patchwork suede beauties are special little things.

Godspeed and happy weekend double deniming. 


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