The subtle / statement wedding outfit

While packing for a wedding in Miami, I was uttering a silent prayer to both the style and weather lords for a long weekend free of overt sweating and hair frizzing caused by a) the weather synonymous with that part of the world, and b) my being human.

However, I just discovered that late April is pretty much the perfect time to visit south Florida. Pleasantly warm to hot temperatures? Yes. Crippling levels of humidity? Nope. The best weather of the year for an outdoor wedding and for flaunting a newly acquired slew of SS16 outfits and accessories? ABSOLUTELY.

Sure, my hair kinked slightly after hours of dancing but for the most part my makeup stayed put, my hair stayed did and my pits were (mostly) dry - I didn't ruin any wedding pix, hooray! So OK, let's discuss the outfit details.

Linen is a classic choice for warm weather, and rightly so. It's cool, breezy, soft and the creases drop straight out of it if you just hang it up in the bathroom before showering (#protip). To mix up this expected fiber I opted for a tiered, empire waist, flutter sleeved Zara maxi in a - perhaps unseasonal - black but with festive and totally Miami appropriate embroidered exotic animals, flowers and fish to balance out any potential gothic vibes.

A Benoit Missolin Minnie Mouse-esque head band, kitsch YSL clutch, Mejuri statement ring and black tipped french manicure by Oakland's finest nail artist, Pizza Perfect Nails also kept this look fun but muted enough to not compete with the gorgeous bride in anyway. Even if we did accidentally wear the same shoes.

But who can blame us, really? These Zara glitter mid heel sandals are comfortable perfection. And were only $29.99 - bargain.

And Voila, here is the whole ensemble together.

The key to picking a perfect wedding outfit? Consider your style, but first and foremost, consider the bride. Little highlights of flair - read: accessories and outfit detailing - totally cool. But a giant, attention seeking all over pattern or a, please no, white dress - probably not cool.

Use good judgement and you'll knock it out the park, like you always do. *high 5*


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