It's getting hot in here, so put on all your tropical clothes

... Yes, that title is a bit of a stretch.

And I too apologize for falling victim to the throes of summer. The road trips, the weddings (latest wedding outfit post coming soon), the grilling, the eating and drinking, the not wanting to work out and the inevitable the lack of blogging that doing all of that and holding down a full time job brings.

But, despite a small hiatus, I'm climbing back into the saddle with a bombastic, classically clashing, high-low (mostly low) ensemble for a night out on the balmy, summer kissed town.

So you'll notice my head is creepily cut off in all of these photo's. Don't worry, I still actually own my head, but I was pool fresh here, make up free and a tiny bit sunburned. As my locale and my outfit are pretty full on and distracting, I thought I'd spare you the additional visual stimuli and just cut that shit out. 

I don't usually match with my interiors, but when I do, I make sure it's a tropical explosion. This top is a vintage *ahem* Forever 21 (so, like 7 years old) cover up that with a strategically placed safety pin magically transforms into a blouse. Just like magic. 

I've had this, almost Southwestern inspired, hot pink woven mini-skirt - scored at the GAP outlet -  for a few years. This statement piece has been dressed up, dressed down and dressed kind of crazy, ala this evening. It can do it all. Moral of this tale? Don't be afraid of a bright, colorful statement piece. Invest and then try it a few different ways to make it work for your closet and your style.

To accessorize, you could tone it down, but why? It's hot, therefore you are entitled to act a little bit cray and doing it through fashion is a totally responsible way to execute that right. These lace up sandals have been in firm rotation this summer. I am in the "leopard is a neutral" camp, so they have a lot of wide spread potential across outfits, plus this heel is leg flattering and totally walkable. Win win. And topping this off with a be-tasseled (and sadly sold out) Rebecca Minkoff Sofia clutch-to-crossbody purse was the only thing I could do.

Run wild and free, enjoy your summer and here's to pattern mixing like a freak.


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