4725mag's daily fashion essentials: arm candy to get giddy over, little tufts of joy

We like our jewelry matte, minimal, angular and with simple geometric shapes. Literally, we had to be still our beating hearts when we found this tufted, muted gold and silver bracelet on sale at Madewell for a mere $12.

The tufts add just the right touch of springtime - dare I say it - flare, but their neutral navy and rust (currently our most coveted accent) coloring keep it within our minimalist comfort zone.

While we can't guarantee this exact piece is still in stock, Madewell make it easy for those of us usually afraid of any flounce to try this look that is only growing in popularity for SS15.They have various pieces that cater to the tufted jewelry trend that are also minimal, classic and tomboy safe. Phew.

And pssst, there is also a necklace in this style.

Shop my closet:
Tufted gems from our love, Madewell. 


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