4725mag's essential eats: rolled oats, banana and chia energizer breakfast bowl

With keep-you-full-until-lunch fiber, courtesy of our friend the rolled oat, potassium packed bananas, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and protein via the chia seeds and flax, this recipe is an evolution of a gluten free, rolled oats recipe that a nutritionist gave us a few years ago.

We periodically try a new topping or choice of dairy, but this is our favorite, tried and true version. Making this dish in bulk ensures it's ready to grab and go throughout the week as we're running out of the door 5 minutes late on busy weekday mornings. 

 Ingredients, makes 5 servings:
- 4 bananas
- 4 cups of almond milk (or whatever your dairy preference!)
- 2 heaped cups of rolled oats
- 1/2 cup of chia seeds
- 1/2 cup of ground flax seeds
- teaspoon of ginger
- teaspoon of cinnamon
- pinch of salt

- raw sunflower seeds
- raw pumpkin seeds
- dried cranberries

We like to whip this up on a Sunday morning before heading out for a run or brunch. You can find us brewing some coffee, listening to a record and taking just a few minutes to ensure we have breakfast for an entire week.

Start by slicing the banana into your blender or food processor - mashing by hand with a fork or potato masher also totally works - then add your choice of dairy and blend until almost smooth.

Add all the other ingredients to a 1L Tupperware box and pour the banana-almond milk mixture over the top, stir wet and dry ingredients together thoroughly to ensure the cinnamon and ginger are evenly distributed. Apply the lid, pop in the fridge and enjoy the other half of your weekend.

...Yuck, it's Monday. We're sorry, but at least you have a delicious breakfast to look forward to. Take the oats mixture out of the fridge, remove the lid and score it - the oats and chia seeds will have now swollen up, drinking in all that wonderful banana-almond milk - into five portions. Scoop out one of them into a microwave safe mason jar and add a tablespoon or two of each of the toppings.

Upon getting into work, pop this puppy in the microwave for 1.5 minutes, stir and enjoy. If you're at home (lucky you!) scoop your serving into a small saucepan, heat on medium while stirring for 5 minutes - or until warmed through - and add your toppings upon plating.

Repeat for the next 4 days, your tummy and long term well being will thank you.


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