4725mag's latest fashion crush: Sky | Oak Co.

Oakland; you either get it or you don't. 

Despite being the only city by the bay to us - it is and always will be the underdog of the Bay Area. We don't want to knock San Francisco, actually having lived there ourselves for almost four years upon moving to the US from the UK - but it never felt like home the way Oakland does. We've been here for the past five years and we're here for good.

Oakland knows it is the best. Yet somehow, it has to fight for recognition despite knowing it has nothing to prove. If you live here, you get this and you know. It is a palpable energy and you feel it. 

Sky | Oak Co. pieces simply and effortlessly encompass the guts and the soul that make The Town who it is. Their designs are kept sleek, modern and unfussy. Color palettes are kept neutral and cool and their fits are timeless. A few ladies options exist, but their guy offerings can very easily be cuffed, partially tucked in and worn unisex.

We will be living in this sweatshirt. Get your own below.

Shop my closet:
- OAKLAND AGAINST THE WORLD sweatshirt, Sky | Oak Co.


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